WARNING: Do Not Read This Unless You Are Looking To Reap The Rewards Of A Booming $11 Billion Per Year Industry

Designed To Help You Quickly Launch Your Very Own eBook Business And Grow It To Over $1 Million In Annual Profits...Even If You Cringe At The Mere Thought Of Writing Or Don't Know Squat About Selling eBooks!

From: Ewen Chia, #1 Best Selling International Author


Dear Friend,

Imagine if you owned an online business generating close to $1 million in sales per year.

Wouldn’t that be something?

It’s the ultimate feeling of financial freedom – knowing that you will never have to worry about money again. I should know…because I own a million-dollar online business and it’s made me a millionaire several times.

I’m not saying that to toot my own horn – I’m telling you this because so many people are skeptical about making money online…and walk around blindfolded cursing the world for their financial woes.

I hope you’re not one of them.

You see, skeptics can choose to believe whatever they want….and live in this detached reality where everyone is “out to get them”…

For the rest of us who are making six and seven figures per year working less than 20 hours a week...we know the real truth.

Becoming a self-made online millionaire is not only very possible…it’s easier than you think.

My name is Ewen Chia and I’m a #1 international best-selling author...

If you’re familiar with the online marketing space, chances are you’ve heard of me. I’ve made millions of dollars online and have helped thousands of others set up their very own online businesses.

One of the key contributors to my success are the powerful lessons I glean from studying those “average Joe” success stories….

You know the kind I’m talking about…where an ambitious lone wolf stumbles across a business opportunity and finds himself or herself swimming in a vault of gold coins like Scrooge McDuck.

The strategies, tips, and resources hidden in their stories are worth solid gold.

One of my favorite (and most recent) examples is a fellow by the name of Mike Geary.

Chances are, you haven’t heard of him and that is quite OK – it’s by design.

He’s just your typical online entrepreneur…trying to earn an honest living from his home computer….with one small significance difference…

The guy’s been quietly selling roughly $11 million worth of digital products per year.

Enough to make just about anyone turn green with envy.

But, the crazy thing is…..and here’s why you should care….

…His entire business was founded and built around ONE eBook.

One. Single. eBook. (Yup, you read that right!)

You see, Mike put out an eBook a few years ago called “The Truth About Abs”.

Since then, he’s sold over 500,000 copies of it across the world and helped thousands of individuals achieve their weight loss goals.

On the way, he’s pocketed quite the chunk of change (and continues to do so…month after month.)

While Mike’s results may not be typical, the golden nugget to take away from his story is he had the forethought and vision to spot an opportunity, take massive action, and...get in on the ground floor of what is now a surging $11 Billion (yes, that’s Billion with a “B”) industry.

If you haven’t figured it out yet…I’m talking about the...

$11 Billion Per Year (and Growing...) ebook Industry

The same one that put brick-and-mortar megastores like Borders out of business…and stuffs the pockets of shrewd Internet solo-preneurs like Mike Geary with more cash in 60 days than most professional athletes make in a full year.

Don’t believe me?

Just have a quick look-see at these mind-blogging stat...

E-book revenues topped over $11 billion in 2018 and is increasing every year!

If you’re interested in taking advantage of this exploding industry and making millions of dollars from it (just like our good pal Mike)….without having to write a single eBook yourself…

Then this will be the most important message you will ever read.

Here’s why...

Once every decade or so (it used to be a generation - technological advances have cut the timeline considerably), there is a fundamental shift in how we consume information.

Newspapers, paperback books, websites, blogs, and now…

…mobile eReaders (i.e., iPad, Kindle etc.)

The eBook industry is happily ridin’ the tide of this mobile “tsunami” and taking full advantage of it by serving up high-quality, in-demand content…instantly...to anyone with an Internet connection.

So…what do all of these mean to you?

Opportunities, my friend. Opportunities galore.

As you can see, the demand for eBooks is growing exponentially.

Those who are poised to take advantage of this hyper-demand are going to be swimming in profits and living the good luxurious life.

That is...if they have a winning gameplan. More on that in a second…

You see, hordes of mid-tier and even established authors are switching from relying on difficult, low-profit traditional publishers (i.e., Penguin, Harpers Collins, etc.)…

…to publishing their very own eBooks and retaining up to 100% of earned royalties.

Even anonymous, “rookie” authors who were rejected time and time again from large publishing houses are now comfortably making ends meet (and more) by self-publishing their own eBooks.

The bottom is line….these authors are succeeding – many of them earning a few thousands of dollars per month….a few of them raking in over six-figures a month.

There is no reason why you can’t do the same.

The fact of the matter is, demand is so “through-the-roof” for high-quality eBooks that if you select the right topic in a hot niche, it’s almost like writing your own paycheck….

…assuming, of course, you know how to position and sell to your target audience (psst….this is why having winning gameplan is so important).

If I’ve done my job so far, I’ve convinced you that the demand for eBooks is at an absolute all-time high right now…it is ripe for the pickin’ for those with the hunger, and commitment to take immediate action.

The million-dollar question – how do you swoop in and get your slice of this $11 Billion per year pie?

The answer...

Start your very own eBook publishing business and market the heck out of it using proven online marketing strategies!

I can hear some of you complaining already…

"Bb-b-but…what if I can’t stand writing….and don’t know anything about creating an eBook?"


"Online marketing?? Don’t you have to spend a fortune on Google advertising or hire some expensive big-wig SEO firm– how are my eBooks ever going to get found?"

Woooooo-Sahhhhhhhh, young grasshopper.

Fret no more. Let me put your fears to rest.

You see, the unique thing about the eBook business is you need quality content…and that means you need premium content writers.

And writers are an one-of-a-kind commodity that is perfect for good ol’ fashioned U-S-of-A outsourcing.

In other words, get the marketing/sales right, and you stand to make an absolute fortune without having to do any of the actual writing yourself.

Don’t get me wrong. There’s both an art and a science to great content and creative writers.

But…given the vast amount of talented freelance writers around the world...you have instant, unlimited access to one of the richest, deepest talent pools you could ever hope to tap into.

The trick then, is simply figuring out how to build a first-class, elite team of writers.

Fortunately for you, I’m going to hand you word-for-word hiring templates and point you to exactly where these rockstar freelancers hide out...so you can put together a “dream team” of writers.

Get this right and your clients will love you, buy from you repeatedly, and rave about your business to everyone and their mothers.

For the online marketing piece, I’ve also got you covered...

You get in-depth, step-by-step videos that literally hold your hand and show you exactly how to:

Identify, enter, and dominate a profitable niche – regardless of how many other competitors or “big dawgs” are already there.

Structure your eBook to maximize perceived value – so that customers won’t be able to refuse such a tremendous bargain.

Write an irresistible sales letter that almost forces your visitors to buy your eBook (makes their purchase a “no-brainer”).

Set up backend offers to double or triple your sales immediately…..so you can squeeze all every last penny out of every eBook.

Build a responsive email list of loyal buyers (who will buy from you over and over again).

And that’s just a tiny sampling of what you’re going to get – I’ll go into more detail on this in just a bit.

Putting it all together - I’m going to show you exactly how to set up a proven eBook business system that you can quickly and easily scale up to over $1 million profits per year from scratch.

You’re going to receive instant access to all of the above plus a ton more valuable strategies, tips, techniques, and step-by-step “how-to” information in my brand-new program...


This exclusive program is packed with 83 pages of valuable, hype-free content and 12 high-quality videos crafted specifically to help you take quick, effective, and profitable action.

I could’ve packed this baby with hundreds of pages of “filler” content to make it seem more impressive “at-a-glance”, but the fact of the matter is….

…I’m a huge fan of simple, actionable information that spurs you to execute and see results from as quickly as possible. REAL RESULTS like these...

All from just ONE easy to create eBook that literally SELLS ITSELF!

So, let’s take a peek “under-the-hood” of what you’re going to get:

Module One:

All You Need To Know About The eBook Business And
How To Identify A Profitable Niche

In this introductory module, I’m going to explain what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to publishing eBooks. You’re going to get a first-class, no-BS education on what really works “in the streets”.

Plus, I’m also going to answer the number one question people always ask me - “how do I pick out a profitable niche to enter?”

Here’s what you do...

Simply download and watch my “Picking a Niche” video…and get ready to make a tough choice, because…you’re going to find more “instant riches” niches than you could possibly choose from….right out of the gate!

Don’t waste another second blindly “researching” the thousands of niches out there…..instead, use my simple, multi-step process to get this out of the way and start working on what matters…the content and marketing!

As you go through this first chapter, you’ll also discover:

Why even “beginners” are able to cash in on the eBook industry (not just now, but for a very long time to come).

The few simple but powerful tweaks that instantly transforms throwaway “junkyard eBooks” to in-demand bestsellers you can sell today, tomorrow, and years from now.

Why 99% of all eBook publishers and authors totally miss the boat when it comes to squeezing every last dollar out of their content.

How to spot “diamond in the rough” niches you can quickly enter and profit from - sometimes, even using rehashed content that has proven to sell.

Why the stupid “standard” advice about writing about your “passion” will often place you on the fast track to nowhere...and much, much more!

Module Two:

The Real Scoop On Building And Packaging A World-Class eBook

Notice how I sneakily left out the word “writing” in the title – there is a reason for this and you’ll find out why.

In this second module, I’m going to explain to you the few crucial techniques you must put into play in order to produce a high-quality eBook that actually delivers valuable content others are eager to pay for.

Plus…you’ll uncover how to get “five-star” writers to do all the work for you…while you sit back, sip your coffee, and watch the magic happen right before your eyes.

As you go through this second chapter, you’ll also discover:

Shockingly easy methods for putting together your own team of “heavy hitters” that produce killer content on schedule and under budget…every single time.

How to tell the difference between cheap, foreign writers who are all bark and no bite, and quiet, perfectionist students who consistently knock it out of the park (this alone will save you countless hours of wasted time and fees).

How to avoid the horrible mistakes most authors and publishers make with copywriting your eBook (often overlooked, but crucial to your long-term success).

A “lazy man’s” way to speed up your editing process to ensure your content is professionally proofread and formatted.

The few minor tweaks to the “look and feel” of your eBook that makes a huge impact on what customers are willing to pay for it...and a whole lot more!

Module Three:

Ninja Marketing Techniques To Generate Massive Sales
And Build Your Tribe

Here’s my favorite part – the real meat-and-potatoes of this entire program.

If you can’t market or sell your eBook, you’re not going to earn a single dime (with the exception of your friends, who might gift you a “pity” purchase or two).

I want to make sure you get a first-class education in marketing and selling your eBook online…..

…so I’ve recorded a series of 12 high-quality videos that take you by the hand and walk you through the entire process…ready for you to go through at your convenience…any time you want, as many times as you need, at your own comfort.

You’re also going to get an “idiot-proof” guide.

The best part is…the same principles you will discover can be applied to just about any online business…so you’ll be equipped with all the strategies, tips and tricks to start more online businesses (or even set up your own consulting service and help others kick-start their online marketing!)

Truth be told, the advanced marketing strategies you’re getting here alone is worth the entire investment in this program.

As you go through this third module, you’ll also discover:

How to use a little known secret to cut your startup costs by over 90% (and a lot more savings over the long haul!).

Dirt-cheap, low-tech way to optimize your website for search engines – don’t spend a dime on SEO “experts” until you’ve tried this yourself.

The great myth about writing effective sales letters that get your readers to purchase your eBook in droves (hint – it’s easier than you think…once you discover my simple process).

A special way to drive hordes of traffic to your eBook offer (this is 100% FREE and can be easily outsourced for pennies on the dollar).

How to squeeze every penny you can from stubborn buyers by offering them irresistible follow-up products that will benefit them.

Where to advertise your eBook that actually reaches your target audience and doesn’t break the bank (my #1 method of getting qualified traffic!).

What you absolutely must know about your customers before you even mention your eBook – and how this can drive your conversions through the roof.

How to buy existing content you can rewrite at rock-bottom, dirt-cheap prices (you will never run out of eBook ideas with this!).

The super-exclusive “insider” track on how to get affiliates to promote your eBooks for you (so you can sit back and watch the sales pour in without lifting a finger!).

How to set up, use, and partner with popular eBook distributors (i.e. Amazon Kindle, SmashWords, etc.) to win the “fame game” and get your eBook in front of thousands of interested customers...plus much, much more!

Module Four:

Jedi-Master Outsourcing And Scaling Up Your Business
To Over $1 Million Per Year

At this point you’ve already published your first eBook and should be seeing plenty of sales coming through the pipeline if you've applied what is taught.

I’m going to teach you how to expand your so you can support 5, 10, even 20 times your current amount of orders…and quickly scale up your business so it generates over $1 Million each year.

It’s actually a lot easier than you may think – the hard part is the initial “set up” of the repeatable system – once that’s tweaked to perfection, it’s simply a numbers game…

One that advanced online marketing, word-of-mouth referrals, and strategic branding will help you dominate. As you go through this four and final module, you’ll also discover:

How to “set up” the perfect business system that you can easily train your assistant to run for you – so you can focus 100% on marketing, selling, and growing.

The single ultra-important profit-killing mistake you must avoid when expanding your outsourcing team of writers.

A little known “trick” to help you accelerate your business growth (warning – you must be capable of delivering the actual orders!).

How to “diagnose” your sales funnel to identify opportunities for improvement – you’d be surprised how little fixes pay huge dividends.

Why you should never try to scale up your business by relying on affiliates or partners (you must dictate your own marketing terms).

This Is A Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity To Snatch Up A Proven Business-In-A-Box

At this point, you may be thinking...

“Gee, why don’t I just go the do-it-yourself route and publish my own eBooks…who needs your
fancy-shmancy program anyways”?

Good question. Now, let me give you my humble opinion.

Can you outsource an eBook yourself, slap your name on it, and throw it on a website or the Kindle marketplace? Sure.

Will you make a few sales here and there and maybe even earn enough to pay back your writers and pocket some change? Maybe.

Will you be able to squeeze every last penny out of your eBook – so it’s still zipping money into your bank account….6 months, 12 months, and yes, even 60 months down the road? Doubtful.

Will you be able to set up a repeatable and scalable business system that you can teach to others – and  sell for millions of dollars to investors who are desperately seeking to capitalize on this industry?

Extremely unlikely – unless you are willing to shell out thousands of dollars on expensive advertising (which burns through your profits)

…or spend an equivalent amount of time spotting, learning, and recovering from your own mistakes.

You see, I’ve already done that for you – and all you’re getting is the polished program perfected to add more coinage to ye old piggy bank.

That’s the real value here.

I’m giving you what you need to know to be successful – nothing more, nothing less.

It’s all about getting you to take action and start earning money – not reading my program and fantasizing about how awesome it’s going to be when “have a cool-looking website that can take orders”.

In fact, if you’re one of those “trigger-happy” buyers who isn’t going to actually put my program through its paces….please do not purchase this.

Nothin’ personal – I just prefer to be associated with winners and doers.

My dream scenario would be to receive an email from you in 3 or 6 months from now….confirming that this business system helped you become a millionaire.

So How Much Will The eBook Success System Cost Me?

This program cost me hundreds of hours to write, record, format, tweak, and perfect.

You’re getting instant access to an 83-page eBook and 12 online video “walkthroughs” - both meticulously crafted to push you towards taking immediate action through easy-to-follow steps.

Complete, “business-in-a-box” program for setting up, running, and growing your very own eBook publishing company.

Copy-and-paste website URLs and hiring templates for finding, attracting, and piecing together an elite team of freelance writers.

Step-by-step videos for setting up your website, optimizing it for search engines, crafting high-conversion sales letters, marketing it across social media channels, and even signing up for various affiliate networks.

Proven methods for optimizing your business system so you can easily train others to run it for you – while you sit back, collect the profits, and focus on expanding your marketing efforts.

I could easily charge a real $297.00 for this proven eBook business system. Heck, some of my affiliates and business partners are actually begging me so they can promote it and earn fat commission checks.

However, if you order right now, you’re going to get this complete “ready-to-launch business system” at a special discounted rate of...

To put the investment in perspective, that’s the equivalent of roughly two weeks worth of Tall or Grande Starbucks lattes…or a single night-on-the-town for you and your significant other (dinner and drinks).

In other words, it’s priced to sell....now.

I’ve made it affordable as possible…and mark my words…

I fully expect to double or triple the price of this as soon as “first wave” of orders come in.

Truthfully, you can see why this should be sold for much greater than the measly $297.00 $29.97 I'm asking for today. However, there's a reason why I'm offering this for much less than I could be...

It's simple. I want you to be addicted to my good deals.

That way, in the future, when I offer more products of value to you, you will be much more inclined to say yes to them...that's why you're getting a bargain today.

If you’re still on the fence, let me help make it easier by tacking on my golden guarantee...

Purchase this and go through it immediately...

Within 15 minutes if you don't feel like you've already gotten your moneys worth, I demand you contact me and I will return every penny of your purchase to you, quietly and promptly, no questions asked.

Better still, take a full 60 days to evaluate, use, and benefit from the product.

Then at any time, if you are unsatisfied for any reason, or no reason at all, then I still demand you contact me and I will still return every penny to you promptly, no questions asked.

Again, you can see why you should sign up for this immediately.

The fact is, you only stand to gain when you say yes and act on this opportunity immediately...

As I’ve mentioned as the start of this letter, killer business opportunities like this come around once a decade. Here’s your chance to cash in on a thriving, recession-proof industry with a business-in-a-box you can make money from immediately.

I sincerely hope you remove indecision from your mental picture and instead…

Commit yourself to financial freedom today.

Financial freedom have never been so close – who knows, maybe one day I’ll be writing about your success story right alongside Mike Geary’s.

To Your Future Million-Dollar eBook Business!

PS - If you’re still unsure let me share a personal story with you…..

Back when I started my first online business (over 20 years ago), I almost passed up a similar “business-in-a-box” opportunity that I would later realize was the turning point in my business (and bank account).

The thing was, it was really expensive for me at the time – I could hardly afford to pay mortgage, let alone drop a few hundred dollars on a product that may or may not work out.

But…I bit the bullet and decided to buy anyway. I guess I’ve always been more “opportunistic” and willing to take risks…even huge ones – as long as there was a realistic shot at a huge payoff.

The funny this is, nobody ever looks back on an offer they DIDN’T take and remembers that as the turning point in their lives.

Truthfully, you’ll probably forget all about this invitation in a few days and move onto to something else...but it’ll be only the few select individuals who get this material who will know the other side of the story…and go on to live their dream lifestyles.

If you’re serious about becoming a self-made online millionaire, the eBook Success System is the vehicle that will get you there...

Copyright (c) Ewen Chia, Ebook Success System. All Rights Reserved. All Rights Reserved

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